St. Gobnait's : The History

St. Gobnaits is a country nursing home with a warm friendly atmosphere the minute you step inside the front door. It is located in Ballyagran Co. Limerick, approx five miles from Charleville town.

It was established in 1985 when Dermot and Teresa Kelleher saw the need for a nursing home in the area. Teresa was working as a P.H.N. at the time. Dermot and Teresa purchased a private dwelling house adjacent to their own home and developed and extended it over the years.

St. Gobnait is patron saint of Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, Dermot’s home place, so this is where the name originated. It is now home to twenty residents and celebrated it’s silver jubilee with a big party in December 2010. Teresa is the matron and proprietor and her daughter, Maura, also a nurse, joined the management team in December 2010

St Gobniats has a lovely warm friendly atmosphere which you notice the minute you step inside the front door. My mum has been there a few years now and I can honestly say that next to being in her own home this is the next best thing and in some ways even better as she has the care of friendly and the staff. Mum has also made close friends with some of the other residents. The home is always clean and calm whenever we have turned up to visit. Maura goes above and beyond with regards to caring for my mum, nothing is too much trouble and they also keep us regularly informed of my mum's wellbeing. This is all the more important to me as I live many miles away in London

Annie Hartigan | Resident Family Member

It was a cold,snowy day in December 2010 that we remember vividly. Not just the bitterness of the cold, but the heavy hearts we carried that day. I had come to realise that our loved one,my sister Margaret, needed round-the-clock care and that she was no longer capable of living at home,even assisted. There comes a time when love, care and attention are no longer enough
Nevertheless ,my heart pained when I left her in the care of the staff of St Gobnait's Nursing Home. Despite their assurances that they would look after her with the same love, care and attention that Margaret had rightly deserved throughout her life,there were pangs of regret and even worry. Was I doing the right thing? Could the staff of St Gobnait's live up to their words of reassurance and understanding ? For all that I wanted to believe it,I had my doubts
Four years later,and I still go back to that day and Thank God that He guided Margaret to St Gobnait's. It may sound dramatic,but there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the care that Margaret gets every single day in her new home
Even though it is hard to watch her deteriorate slowly,the one great consolation is the care and attention she receives fromthe staff-Matron Teresa, Manager Maura, Nurses & Care staff, the kitchen, everybody.
Margaret is at home now,she may be missing much of her mental faculties,but she is not missing out on a single element of human dignity and decency. No occasion goes unnoticed,and all the festive occasions throughout the year are celebrated with gusto. Margaret always adored the occasions,and the staff has made sure her wishes are respected even as her mind dwindles. It is not a patronising celebration of life,it is just the staff allowing Margaret to be Margaret without a care in the world.
Last December Margaret fractured her hip due to declining health,and words again cannot express the gratitude to the Nursing staff. The observation of her condition was almost immediate. Margaret is blind and unable to communicate,so their intervention prevented her from suffering unduly. On her return to the nursing home,they worked wonders on getting her as mobile as possible with such patience and tenderness. I had come to expect nothing less
That cold snowy day in December 2010 remains etched in my mind. However it is no longer a day I remember with angst or recrimination. That cold snowy day is the day that Margaret received the gift of life one more time.
With the help of St Gobnait's it is a life that is still honoured and considered precious

Nora Jacob-OFlynn | Resident Family Member

My mother has been a resident of St Gobnait’s Nursing Home for over seven years now and she has had nothing but the highest praise for it during her time there. She speaks very highly of the staff and very much appreciates their good humour and cheerfulness as well as the kindness and care they show her at all times. She loves the food and always remarks that her preferences are noticed and her meals adapted accordingly. Her love of music and singing has been nurtured and she loves singing at the weekly musical sessions each week and at the Christmas party.
I highly recommend the nursing home for the care and attention the staff give to the residents. It is a small, family-run nursing home and the atmosphere is warm, friendly and homely. The nurses and care workers are professional in all their dealings, and very respectful of the dignity and independence of the individual residents. Teresa and Maura, the owners, are very aware of the interests and needs of each of their residents and make sure to give them thoughtful and personal gifts on their birthday and at Christmas, which is a lovely touch!
I very much appreciate the kindness and care given by everyone at St Gobnait’s to my mother. Thank you.

Kathryn O'Mahony | Resident Family Member

My name is Eileen Murphy and I celebrated my 94th birthday in February 2015.I lived in Pallasgreen, Co.Limerick before I came to live at St.Gobnaits Nursing Home. I lived in a quiet country area with three houses not too far away from me but now it is more built up and I don’t know any of the occupants of the houses. I had 5 or 6 old friends and we loved visiting each other but they have all passed on now.
I had to have a Home Help for my last 3 or 4 years at home as I had became very tired and weak.I have severe arthritis in my right arm and my fingers were very painful so I needed assistance with dressing and undressing. I had help for one hour in the morning and one hour at night but it involved about 5 different people coming to me.
I decided one evening that I could not carry on living on my own any longer, and, following a suggestion from my friend Nora, who was married to my late husbands nephew, decided to avail of respite care for a few weeks. I spent 5 weeks in respite as I suffered from dizziness in my head which necessitated two visits from the doctor.
My friend Nora found a lovely Nursing Home for her elderly aunt (97 years old) and said to me that she felt I would like it. I was adamant that I wanted my own room so once one became available I took it immediately as there is always a waiting list to get into the Home.I had one day to pack my few bits and move to St.Gobnaits.
The welcome I got was so warm and friendly. There was a welcome card in my room along with a lovely spray of roses.The Nursing Home is small with only 20 residents and I can honestly say that the other residents are like family to me.The food is first class with a different menu every day for lunch and supper. Every Wednesday we have a talented singer, Maura Nolan, who sings all the old songs accompanied by her guitar. On Thursdays we have Mike who tells us silly innocent stories which causes great laughter.The Day Room is very warm and comfortable.We have mass on Fridays and we say 5 decades of the rosary every evening.
Maura has promised us that she will take us to Ballybunion and the Donkey Sanctuary amongst other places once the weather gets warmer. What more can I say!

Eileen Murphy | Resident

Care, Compassion & Dignity

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