Life at St. Gobnait's

Unique to St. Gobnait's - Our Sensory Garden & "Gossip" House

A Typical day....

► A typical day begins with breakfast served in bed.
► Personal hygiene is tended to following breakfast.
► Daily newspaper are read and discussed.
► Morning tea and scones are served at 10.00am before the scheduled activity begins.
► Lunch is served at 12.30pm followed by more activities.
► Some residents enjoy a stroll around the grounds weather permitting.

Later on...

► Refreshments are served in the afternoon before tea time at 4.30pm.
► The Rosary is recited at 6pm each evening.
► Refreshments are served again at 8pm.
► Visiting hours are flexible but we do ask visitors to respect residents meal times.

The Wider Family

► Many residents also enjoy trips out with their families.
► Social outings.
► We also have many gifted residents who enjoy knitting amongst other crafts and these hobbies are encouraged.
► As St. Gobnaits is the residents home they may retire to bed when they wish.

Care, Compassion & Dignity

  • • Care

    Our staff are fully qualified and Garda vetted.

  • • Compassion

    St. Gobnait's aim is to deliver a quality service while maintaining the family feel.

  • • Dignity

    Our staff respect our guests' rights to self determination, individuality and privacy.