Our Services

Lucious Gardens

St. Gobnaits boasts its own vegetable, fruit gardens, herb gardens and glass house. The garden has nestled within it a beautiful Grotto for residents to have some reflection time if they wish. Inside our lovely canaries, Lemon and Biscuit, can be heard chirping as residents stop for a "chat". We also have several cats roaming the grounds.. If you look closely around the garden you can even spot lots of strategically placed animals which the residents love!

St. Gobnait's GardensSt. Gobnait's Grotto

Our Facilities

St. Gobnaits provides twenty four hour nursing care to both short and long term residents. Room are private or semi private each with their own T.V.

St. Gobnait's Bedroom

Be Part of Our Community

We have weekly mass each Thursday/Friday with local Eucharistic Ministers calling each Sunday. All diets are catered for and meals are cooked fresh daily. There is also a plentiful supply of scones and cakes which are baked on the premises on a daily basis.

A Real Home Feel

Many of our residents like to say a prayer at the grotto on the grounds. St. Gobnaits also has a smoking room for residents who enjoy a cigarette. Olive, our hairdresser attends the nursing home fortnightly and more often if required. Chiropody service is available every six weeks and physiotherapy sessions are arranged as required. Physiotherapy may be arranged as required. St. Gobnaits is very proud of its team of very dedicated staff some of whom have been employed at the home for over twenty years. CCTV in operation on the grounds and a barrier at the gate for residents safety.