A year ago our lovely Mum went to live in St. Gobnaits Nursing Home with the St. Gobnait's extended family.

Mum spent nine very happy months at St. Gobnaits.  It is a home from home where Mum was loved and cared for.  Mum was always treated as an individual and included in every aspect of life in St. Gobnait's.

In St. Gobnait's person centred care is at the heart of life. From when Mum took up residency the Staff endeavoured to get to know Mums personality.  We were asked to complete a questionnaire prior to Mum moving in which would give the Staff insight into Mum prior to her developing dementia.  This helped the Staff to get to know Mum in a more personal way.  It enabled them to speak of familiar aspects of her life, family and former work, hobbies etc.   This was important to the staff as it helped develop their relationship and communication with Mum.

The Staff always endeavoured to nurture and promote Mums abilities always returning to what Mum could do and facilitating as much as possible her independence and dignity.

Safety was always to the forefront of everyone’s mind at St. Gobnaits but not oppressive or limiting but in a professional mindful and caring manner.

Every possible course of action was taken to maintain Mums Health & Wellbeing.  Constant stimulation in the form of live music including regular interaction from children in the local school, not to mention the mobile zoo visiting St. Gobnait's allowing us to view some amazing photographs and see the joy on Mums face. Mum was taken on outings on the bus to a local museum and to the novena in the Redemptorist Church.  Something that would have meant so much to her.   Everything you would wish for her and more was achievable at St. Gobnait's The beautiful Summer last year allowed numerous afternoons sitting in the sun, walks down to the Gossip corner, and enjoying gorgeous picnic food. Mental wellbeing is held in equal status to maintaining physical wellbeing.  All the time the communication with us Mum's family was regular and informed and empathetic.

There is a clear Leadership team in St. Gobnait's.  The owners Maura & Bryan are very much to the fore and involved in the day to day running of St. Gobnait's.  Maura was always available to discuss Mums care, and this was very reassuring for us. It was clear that the Staff were happy working in St. Gobnait's this could be seen and felt with the warm atmosphere.  Good communication is at the heart of effective care.  It is clear to see and easy to measure as this is the practice at St. Gobnait's.

We feel that St. Gobnait's has the gold standard on how to care for the Elderly.  St. Gobnaits was Mums home from home and nothing was too much for the staff.

Mum passed away on St. Stephen’s night.  The care for Mum and the thought for us was beyond words.  Mum was prepared so well for her final journey.  Maura & Bryan stayed with us until the hearse arrived to St. Gobnait's at 11.30 p.m. and together with the staff we walked behind the hearse out the gate of St. Gobnait's with the Christmas lights shining and not a sound to be heard.  We were blessed to have St. Gobnait's as Mums final home.  

Their positivity will stick in our minds.  All about what people can do and not what people can’t do seems to be the motto!  Thank you everyone at St. Gobnait's from all of us!

Siobhan Kennedy & Mary O'Brien

St. Gobnait's has a lovely warm friendly atmosphere which you notice the minute you step inside the front door. My mum has been there a few years now and I can honestly say that next to being in her own home this is the next best thing and in some ways even better as she has the care of friendly and the staff. Mum has also made close friends with some of the other residents. 

The home is always clean and calm whenever we have turned up to visit. Maura goes above and beyond with regards to caring for my mum, nothing is too much trouble and they also keep us regularly informed of my mum's wellbeing. This is all the more important to me as I live many miles away in London.

Resident Family Member

This is Bibi telling you why I like living here. Well, first of all, when I came in, everyone was very welcoming and made me feel at ease and at home. The staff are really lovely and helpful to me. I can relax here and let my mind go free. I absolutely love walking and gardening and I get my chance to do that here. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I love music. I studied it all through school. I learned the accordion when I was younger and when I went to secondary school. I studied the piano and did some exams on it. I got on well. I feel at home here. I will stay here as long as it takes me to feel better. I recommend this place to anyone who isn't feeling well. You will feel at home immediately.

These are my thoughts about St.Gobnaits. I will stay here with God's help. Thank God for being here.

Brigid (Bibi) Byrne

We were always made part of St.Gobnait's extended family...we love the friendly faces, the craic, the smiles and the laughter that always greets you at St.Gobnaits. The staff are super, extremely friendly while remaining professional. It's a pleasure to visit St.Gobnait's...they really are just like one big family

Two and a half years ago it became apparent that Mum needed twenty four hour care and the process of looking for a nursing home became the reality no one wants to face.  Your nursing home was recommended to us and I’d have no hesitation in doing the same. The heartache of Mum going into a care home was the hardest decision ever but from the very beginning, we as a family were made very welcome on our visits.

People with dementia can sometimes be difficult to care for. The team of management and staff showed only compassion and dedication, patience and kindness throughout Mum’s stay at St Gobnait’s.  For two years she became part of the extended family.  As time passed and Mum got frailer she was monitored and cared for until she passed peacefully.  At that sad time we found kindness and compassion in abundance from the management, nurses and carers in St Gobnait’s.

Just a few months after Mum passed away the nightmare began again when Dad, in his ninetieth year, could no longer remain at home alone. A testament to the wonderful care Mum got in St Gobnait’s was that Dad decided that the only place he would consider going, if he could no longer remain at home, was St Gobnait’s.   He is now a resident there for the last three months and has settled in very well.  On family visits he talks about everything that the ‘lovely girls’ do for him, things, he has come to realise he needs help with.  The only complaint Dad expressed about the nursing home was that the food was ‘too good’ and that says everything as he loves his food.  I look forward to finer weather when I can stroll with Dad in the beautiful gardens, which is another passion of his.

I now rest better knowing that Dad is so well cared for and wish all the best to everyone in what has become almost my second home. 

Tracy Sherman
Resident Family Member
March 2018

My Mother Ina has had Alzheimer’s for about 4 years which has gotten worse over time. We cared for her at home for as long as we could but the time came when it was not possible to continue. My Father Finbar is 82. He cared for her lovingly during those early years. My brothers and I are very proud of him for doing so. I absolutely dreaded the thought of my mother leaving her family home. Sadly the time came when his health began to suffer.

We realised that Mother needed 24 hour nursing care. Having researched and visited several nursing homes my Father called to Maura one day and was greatly impressed with St. Gobnaits in Ballyagran. Maura knows my Mother for a long time and is very fond of her. I rang that evening and we had a lovely chat but it was one thing that changed everything for me. During our conversation Maura said “Kieran I want to look after you Mother”, it suddenly made this horrible situation bearable and lifted a huge weight off of us. I knew that this was the place for Ina. She would be cared for by someone who really cares about her.

My Mother arrived to St. Gobnaits on the 9th of December 2017 and was made to feel so welcome. The first thing she did was to have a cup tea (my mother loves tea). She has settled in and everybody working there are so kind and we really feel she is getting the care and attention that she so fully deserves.

St. Gobnaits is a place where you always feel welcome. Every single member of staff shows a warmth and affection to Ina that is so genuine and real. My Mother loves going for a drive and we can call anytime and take her away for an hour or so and she really enjoys herself on these outings.

Knowing that Maura and all at St. Gobnait's are looking after Ina is such an incredible relief to us and we would like say how very grateful we are to you.

Kieran Mortell
Resident Family Member

Its very homely here and you can have a conversation with everyone. Everybody is very helpful. I am very happy with living here. I enjoy the weekly entertainment with Dan Noonan and I look forward to playing Bingo every Wednesday. The school children visit once a month and I enjoy doing arts and crafts with them. The food is lovely here. I really look forward to my dinner. There is always a great variety.

Kathleen O Grady

It's a pleasure to visit my mother in St. Gobnait's for the 2 years she has been a resident there. Maura & Brian, the proprietors, provide an exceptional quality of care and are always a phone call away if needed. St. Gobnait's is a warm homely and secure environment for my mom .The kind dedicated staff cater for all her needs. Their patience and kindness we appreciate so much .We are extremely grateful to Maura, Brian and their staff for their excellent care of my mother.

Anne Kennington & Family
Resident Family Member

It was a cold, snowy day in December 2010 that we remember vividly. Not just the bitterness of the cold, but the heavy hearts we carried that day. I had come to realise that our loved one, my sister Margaret, needed round-the-clock care and that she was no longer capable of living at home,even assisted. There comes a time when love, care and attention are no longer enough.

Nevertheless ,my heart pained when I left her in the care of the staff of St. Gobnait's Nursing Home. Despite their assurances that they would look after her with the same love, care and attention that Margaret had rightly deserved throughout her life,there were pangs of regret and even worry. Was I doing the right thing? Could the staff of St Gobnait's live up to their words of reassurance and understanding? For all that I wanted to believe it, I had my doubts.

Four years later,and I still go back to that day and Thank God that He guided Margaret to St. Gobnait's. It may sound dramatic,but there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the care that Margaret gets every single day in her new home

Even though it is hard to watch her deteriorate slowly,the one great consolation is the care and attention she receives fromthe staff-Matron Teresa, Manager Maura, Nurses & Care staff, the kitchen, everybody.

Margaret is at home now,she may be missing much of her mental faculties,but she is not missing out on a single element of human dignity and decency. No occasion goes unnoticed,and all the festive occasions throughout the year are celebrated with gusto. Margaret always adored the occasions,and the staff has made sure her wishes are respected even as her mind dwindles. It is not a patronising celebration of life,it is just the staff allowing Margaret to be Margaret without a care in the world.

Last December Margaret fractured her hip due to declining health,and words again cannot express the gratitude to the Nursing staff. The observation of her condition was almost immediate. Margaret is blind and unable to communicate,so their intervention prevented her from suffering unduly. On her return to the nursing home,they worked wonders on getting her as mobile as possible with such patience and tenderness. I had come to expect nothing less.

That cold snowy day in December 2010 remains etched in my mind. However it is no longer a day I remember with angst or recrimination. That cold snowy day is the day that Margaret received the gift of life one more time.

With the help of St. Gobnait's it is a life that is still honoured and considered precious.

Resident Family Member

Our family have been dealing with this fantastic oasis for the aged for almost 11 years...we have always thanked our lucky stars that we found this gem. St.Gobnait's hits all the right notes when it comes to caring for the aged.

My mother has been a resident of St Gobnait’s Nursing Home for over seven years now and she has had nothing but the highest praise for it during her time there. She speaks very highly of the staff and very much appreciates their good humour and cheerfulness as well as the kindness and care they show her at all times. She loves the food and always remarks that her preferences are noticed and her meals adapted accordingly. Her love of music and singing has been nurtured and she loves singing at the weekly musical sessions each week and at the Christmas party.

I highly recommend the nursing home for the care and attention the staff give to the residents. It is a small, family-run nursing home and the atmosphere is warm, friendly and homely. The nurses and care workers are professional in all their dealings, and very respectful of the dignity and independence of the individual residents. Teresa and Maura, the owners, are very aware of the interests and needs of each of their residents and make sure to give them thoughtful and personal gifts on their birthday and at Christmas, which is a lovely touch!

I very much appreciate the kindness and care given by everyone at St Gobnait’s to my mother. Thank you.

Resident Family Member